Alberto D'Atanasio: "Luigi Piccioni, an artist who lives the pictorial culture with the energy of the sons of Umbria". His biographical account is worthy of a novel and his way of making art involves and translates the inside universe into images that look like snapshots of a chaos that is turning into the cosmos, in pure beauty. It's sort of a transmutation of living which becomes imaginary and finally image. This artist has the rare ability of those who can collapse inwardly suffering, sunny and blind days and then give vent in the work to that cosmic energy that only talented artists can translate into images.

Vittorio Sgarbi: "Passed through the experience of abstract art, Piccioni return to figuration with understated elegance". Piccioni demonstrates full-blown technical skill and solid instrumental versatility, ranging from graphics to the figurative, then lead to research experiences, which involve the use of media materials deriving from recycled materials and reclamation. He possesses the precious gift of knowing how to translate the internal universe into images, with an artistic path which intertwines with the existential and becomes autobiographical. He celebrates the sheer beauty and the fanciful imagination of internal past.

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